Thursday, July 7, 2016

GOP Asinine Antics

Dear GOP, let this be a warning to you.

Mittens et al are planning to boycott the RNC convention.  Well, good, we don’t need their support!  Mittens, AKA Mitt Romney, is attacking Donald Trump in a way he should have attacked Obama four years ago.  Is Romney miffed he did not win the election of 2012, or is he afraid of losing his fringe benefits in DC if an outsider is elected by the vast majority of Americans?   After all, it is we the people who are supposed to choose our elected officials.  Romney did not even attempt to be a viable candidate in 2012, anymore than McCain did in 2008.   

The GOP is planning to break the rules, or rather reinvent the rules, to suit their own personal pockets at the convention.  One such asinine comment by Steve Lonegan about Trump and the Republican Party, "doesn't seem to care about the damage he's doing".   

Excuse me, you think you can go against the will of the people and change the rules to get the result you want?  Doesn’t work that way.  You people who are not siding with Trump are causing the damage, but I believe that you already know that.

That is precisely why this county is in such a shambles – people like Romney, Bush (all of them), Lonegan, McCain, Graham, Kaisch, gang of 8 member Rubio, and all the other turncoats who have been bought and sold by the shenanigans of the elected individuals who have forgotten who it is that put them there. 

The Dump Trump people should be removed from office and not allowed to take a position in government again.  Changing the rules in the middle of the game is as unethical as it gets.  These people should be ashamed.  Oh, no, seems to me, and millions of other Americans that they’re afraid that Trump will spill the beans on all of the illegal activities and all of the pandering that really goes on in Washington.

Hillary Clinton (IMO) is a pathological liar who is lying if she is talking.  Going by her actions through the years, she is only interested power, at any cost.

Republicans at the convention, let me warn you.  If you dare to disrupt the people’s choice of Donald Trump to put in a pansy boy, we will write in Donald Trump’s name.  He is not perfect, but he is not afraid to do the right thing for this country.  Actually, Trump has more backbone than the vast majority of the GOP.  He is not always on target, but he is a far better candidate than we have seen in many years. 

Sarah Palin accurately calls them, "rats."


GOP, be warned.  Your jobs are on the line because we will remember when we vote!


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