Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Eye Eye

The branch stabs the eye and blood pours from the eye amidst excruciating pain…….

Here I am picking the dead junk off my beautiful vine rose bush that happens to be taller than I am – over 5’5” – when I zero in on the branch that has the most dead leaves, when ZAM, (is that a new word??) I feel a sharp stabbing pain in my left eye.

…Pain that was excruciating and permeated throughout my whole body. A dumb branch (of course it wasn’t really dumb, no comments please) stabbed me in the dead center of my left eye.

Hubby was at the end of the driveway approximately one half-acre away on his way to work, unknown his beloved was in a distress. Here I am in unspeakable pain, left hand over left eye, blood on my right hand (presumably spouting from said eye) wondering if there is enough gas in the truck to go to the hospital, can I see to call hubby, see to drive, or what…

My mind wanted to race and tell me all of the possible injuries that could occur – eye popping out, eye smashed, eye with a hole in it etc etc. but I knew the importance of speaking only God’s word, positive thinking, or whatever you want to call it, but I knew timing was critical.

The only words that would come out of my mouth were, “I am healed by the stripes of Jesus…” I’m yelling this (at no-one in particular) and running into the house to the bathroom, amid dripping blood on the front porch, and when I reach the bathroom I am almost afraid to take my hand away from my eye. Would the blood come gushing out of my eye, would part of my eye come out, or worse, would my eye just pop out.

When I finally braved the removal of my hand from my eye, I saw no blood.

However, there was a small branch about one quarter of an inch that came out from the corner of my eye. Then my contact lens came out looking like it had been attacked by a jack hammer. I’m splashing oodles of cold water on and into my eye and inspecting it as best I could for any possible damage and I am still trying to make a decision on what to do. Yes, I’m still yelling God’s word throughout this ordeal. Then the rest of the lens came out! The branch had torn a quarter of an inch off my lens - grrrr. Looking in the mirror, all I could see (ha ha) was a bloodshot eye and feel a little pain, but I could see with the eye – as much as anyone can see who is short-sighted.

The next day I did not wear the contact lens in the left eye and it was a little funny as I wear one lens for distance and one lens for close-up. The missing lens was from the eye for close-up work – yes, it was amusing to watch me I’m sure  I’m a teacher of special needs children and I’m demonstrating how to cook a grilled cheese sandwich – minus the close-up lens!!

The only evidence of the incident is blood on the front porch that dripped as I was running into the house. I may keep it there as a reminder of Gods faithfulness when we choose Him.

Yes, the eye is perfectly normal and healthy.

I didn’t think to take pictures – duh – but, to me anyway, it speaks volumes of speaking the Word of God in critical situations. Yes, there are times we visit the doctor, but many times the words we speak make or break what happens to us.

I have nothing profound to say at this point. Remember though, our thoughts become words and our words carry power.

Hugs :)